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On your wedding day you typically get your makeup done the first thing in the morning and then you are basically in the spotlight for the whole day.  From wedding pictures beginning in the morning to greeting guests right after your ceremony, to more wedding pictures, your makeup really needs to stay on point! AND who had he time to reapply their lipstick all day? Am I right?  

With LipSense you don't have to worry about it.  It is smudge proof so you don't need to worry about your lip color coming off on your new hubby all day long in all those kissing shots your wedding photographer is going to ask you to take. 

Plus, having to reapply your lipstick all day is just one more thing a Bride has to remember right?

I get asked often what is the most popular LipSense colors for Brides? I will list some here! Hit the contact button and message me to order!

Popular LipSense Wedding Colors:  


  • Bravo: Warm, Matte

  • Nude: Neutral, Matte (add Fire Opal)

  • First Love: Neutral, Matte

  • Bombshell: Warm, Shimmer

  • Bella: Warm: Matte

  • Beige Champagne: Warm, Frost

  • Praline Rose: Cool, Matte

  • Aussie Rose: Cool, Shimmer

  • Fleur de Lisa: Cool, Shimmer

  • Heartbreaker: Warm, Shimmer

  • Luv It: Warm, Frost

  • Summer Sunset: Warm, Matte

  • Dark Pink: Cool, Matte

  • Plumeria: Cool, Shimmer

  •  Pink Champagne: Cool, Frost

  • Blue Red: Cool, Matte

  • Fire N Ice: Cool, Frost

  •  Caramel Apple: Cool, Frost

  • Shelala: Warm, Matte

  •  Fly Girl: Warm, Matte

order through me and receive a discount on your purchase!

Don't forget about your bridesmaid's too!

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bridal pinks.png
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